You can take a soil sample any time of the year, although it's best not to do so when the soil is extremely wet. The fall months are probably ideal. The number of samples needed from a particular area depends on the uniformity of the soil and its past treatment. Refer to the appropriate information below for instructions on how to obtain a representative sample.

Soil Sampling
Soil Sampling Composite

Sampling and Mailing

Soil sample boxes and information sheets are available at your local Cooperative Extension office.(Processing may be delayed for soil samples not received in official sample boxes).
Sampling and mailing instructions are found on the sample boxes and forms which should be sent directly to the lab with your soil sample and payment.

Mailing address:

Virginia Tech Soil Testing Lab
185 Ag Quad Lane
145 Smyth Hall (0465)
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Lab Reports

Laboratory reports are emailed directly back to the email address(es) provided on the sample information sheet.  A hard copy of a report can be obtained from your local Virginia Cooperative Extension office, which can provide additional assistance if needed.